John Hanes Gallery John Hanes Gallery John Hanes Gallery John Hanes Gallery

Representing over 30 nationally and internationally renowned artists
from the Western United States.

About John Hanes Gallery

John Hanes Gallery

The John Hanes Gallery is the fulfillment of my dream to build a space where exceptional artists can make their living in every genre imaginable. Most of the art is what I call Contemporary Traditional and no two artists have the same style.

Visitors driving through Boonville often stop in just to see what's inside the beautiful structure that my son the architect designed. They are often amazed by the interior design, variety and quality of art on display.

Come see us! Enjoy fine art and quality craftsmanship. Taste the premium wines available in Harmonique's tasting room next door.


Sue Averell
Frederick Denys
Gary Fair
Jenny Foster
Graydon Foulger
Sony Hatcher
Sterling Hoffman
Daphne Keskinis
Rebecca Lee
Suzi Long
Val Longmore
Roger Lundskow
Dustin Lyon
Leona Medin
Gregory Sievers
Matthew Sievers
Wai Tai

Josh Latkin
Eleanor Moss Rock
Sophia Sutherland

John Birchard
Steven Castro
Elliot Little
Susan Quin
Mark Sheffer
Ree Slocum

Richard Bishop
John Hanes
Robert Milhollin
Vala Ola
Delmar Pettigrew
Martha Pettigrew
Darcy Sears
Frederick Sternkopf
Ron Stewart
Charles Taube
Loraine Toth